Melody Pool & Swim Club

General Pool Rules
• All swimmers must shower before entering the pool
• No glass containers in pool area
• No running on cement
• Proper Swim Attire Required in Pool, No cut-offs allowed
• Non-Potty Trained Children must be in a swim diaper with swim diaper cover
• No diving or flipping is allowed from pool deck
• Abusive language will not be tolerated
• No small hard toys or sharp objects in pool
• Air mattresses will be removed if pool is crowded
• Rough play will not be tolerated
• No alcoholic beverages may be brought onto club premises
• During rest periods the pool is reserved for swimmers of 18 years of age and older only*
*Small children are allowed in parent’s arms or small float

**We are not responsible for lost, left or stolen items**

Diving Area Rules
• WALK Everywhere
• One person on diving board at a time
• Must wait at bottom of ladder until board is empty
• One bounce on board per turn
• No floatation devices in diving well area/NO GOGGLES

• To use boards one must 
prove swimming

ability to guard by swimming across the diving area
• Be sure diving area is clear before diving or jumping
• High board must use ladder towards guard chair

• Wait for the previous diver to reach ladder before diving
• Do not swim under board at any time
• Dive straight off board
• No sitting on diving board or starting blocks
• No inward dives

Baby Pool Rules
• MUST HAVE ADULT SUPERVISION (no older children unless with siblings and parent in area)
• NO Chairs in Pool

Playground Rules
• No pushing or shoving
• No running
• No throwing rocks/stones/sand
• Take turns/Share

Ping Pong Table Rules
• Share
• Try to keep ball on table
• Return ball and paddles to basket room when finished
• No sitting or standing on table
• No hitting table with paddles - this ruins table and paddles

Rest Period Rules
• Must be out of pool if under 18 – Small children are allowed in parent’s arms or small float
• ChildrenMust be away from pool (no feet in the water)
• Do not go into the Baby Pool Area if older than 6 to swim PARENTS MUST BE IN THIS AREA

Other General Expectations

• PLEASE be respectful of other Members and Guests and do not SMOKE around Patio (eating area) or around others not in your family or friends area.  And absolutely No Smoking in baby pool/playground area.

If you hear a guard blow their whistle make sure they are not blowing at you!

• No Standing on Picnic Tables or Benches
• No Standing or Walking on Lounges or Chairs
• No food or gum in pool
• No pulling on Volleyball Net
• Put trash in trash cans - Leave the area you are in clean when leaving the pool
• No jumping onto rafts, kickboards or other floatation devices
• Do not attempt to jump into the deep water area unless you are sure you can swim - please ask a lifeguard to test your swimming abilities before going off diving boards if unsure
• No flips into pool except off of diving boards
• No talking to lifeguards while they are in the guard chair
• No throwing or kicking sand
• No cutting in line (diving boards, concession stand, etc)
• No splashing others - including your own family and friends

Guards may blow their whistle when...
(A list of reasons for Guards to blow their whistle which is given to them in their employee packet)
1.) When someone is running.
2.) When someone dunks basketball, touches rim or pulls on net

3.) When someone uses bad or abusive language
4.) When someone flips or dives in shallow (this includes adults!!)
5.) When someone is swimming in diving well

6.) When someone dives from side of deep end
7.) If you notice older kids (6 & Older) in baby pool (or headed there after break has been called
8.) When someone is fighting
9.) When someone uses toys as weapons (noodles, kickboards, etc)
10.) When someone jumps onto floatation devices from cement (rafts, kickboard, etc)
11.) When someone is being destructive to Pool Property
12.) When someone is throwing or pushing others into pool
13.) When someone climbs ladder to diving board before the person in front of them has jumped off
14.) If there is more than one person on the diving board at a time
15.) If someone bounces more than ONCE on the diving board
16.) If someone is using a floatation device in the diving well or diving area
17.) If someone jumps off board before area is clear and previous

diver has not reached ladder yet
18.) If someone jumping off high board does not use ladder closet to guard chair

19.) If someone swims underneath diving boards
20.) If someone jumps off board towards side at an angle - instead of straight
21.) If it is busy and people are playing gutterball

22.) If people are playing Frisbee in the pool
23.) If someone is standing on the gutter

24.) If someone has somebody else on their shoulders (i.e. Playing Chicken)
25.) If someone else 
throws somebody else while both are in pool (i.e. Dads throwing kids)
26.) If someone was in the sand (play area or volleyball) and has not showered, but is about to enter pool)
27.) If someone is injured - alert other guards (you may need to clear the pool)
There are other reasons a guard may need to blow their whistle, but they use the list as a guide